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At Aida Travels..

We are passionate about providing exceptional travel experiences that exceed our clients’ expectations.

With our extensive knowledge, personalized service, we guarantee an extraordinary travel adventure every step of the way.


Founder & Managing Director - Sunil Sunder

Sunil Sunder is a seasoned travel professional with a wealth of experience in the industry

Sunil Sunder, the Managing Director of Aida Travels, was Born and raised in Kerala, South India, Sunil’s love for exploration and adventure sparked at about a young age.

After completing his education at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya School, he pursued a BSc in Computer Science from Mangalore Canara College.

During his school days, Sunil indulged in various hobbies such as soccer, football, and kabaddi, fostering a spirit of teamwork, discipline, and determination.

These qualities later became integral to his approach in providing exceptional customer service.

Sunil’s professional journey began in 2004 when he joined Docendale Ship Management, where he gained valuable insights into the maritime industry..

In 2009, his passion for travel led him to the enchanting world of the Disney Cruise Line, where he honed his expertise in creating magical experiences for guests from around the globe!

In 2013, Sunil embarked on a new chapter in his career and joined the renowned Ritz Carlton in Dubai.

During his tenure, he further developed his skills in hospitality management, delivering unparalleled service to discerning travelers..

His goal was to establish a travel agency that would redefine the standards of luxury and personalized travel, providing clients with extraordinary experiences.

Over the span of 8 years Aida Travels have served more than 3000+ customers so far!

Very fast and efficient, I never saw him physically. I paid the money into his company account, my sister went to the airport, and before she left the country the visa was ready.. All this happened within 24 hours. I just googled him.. Everything was done via what's app. I am very happy with the service and will definitely recommend him. I will use him again if I need it. Thank you very much.
Audrey Pappoe

Sunil’s insatiable wanderlust has taken him across the globe, enriching his understanding of different cultures and landscapes.

From the bustling cities of the United States and Canada to the vibrant streets of Mexico and Japan, Sunil has explored a multitude of destinations.

He has also experienced the awe-inspiring natural beauty of Thailand, South Africa, Senegal, and the tranquil islands of the Bahamas.

This diverse travel background has equipped Sunil with invaluable insights and a global perspective that he incorporates into every aspect of Aida Travels..

Whether you seek an adventurous safari, a relaxing beach getaway, a cultural immersion, a luxurious escape, or bringing your loved ones to UAE

Aida Travels is committed to transforming your travel dreams into reality

Let us guide you on an unforgettable voyage, creating memories that will last a lifetime!!

Our Team

Introducing our exceptional team at Aida Travels, where passion meets expertise to create unforgettable travel experiences. Comprised of seasoned professionals led by the visionary Mr. Sunil, our team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations at every turn.

Sunil Sunder
Sunil Sunder

Managing Director

Jinsha Krishnan
Jinsha Krishnan

Account Head

Ayisha Abdulbari
Ayisha Abdulbari

Sales Head

Vishnu Harshan
Vishnu Harshan

Marketing Head

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