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Change your Visa with ease through our Airport to Airport Visa Change service (A2A Visa Change)

Last updated: 12th Aug 2023

When your UAE tourist visa is nearing expiration, you might seek to extend your stay without returning home. Opting for an A2A visa change (airport to airport visa change) could be the perfect solution

This process allows you to transition to a new tourist or employment visa by briefly departing to a neighboring country like Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait before swiftly returning to the UAE. This streamlined approach saves both time and money.

The a2a visa change is straightforward 

Head over to the below form to secure your booking. At present, this procedure is mostly available through Dubai Airport. Once your Airport to Airport visa change is confirmed with us, begin by exiting the UAE and notifying us. We’ll expedite your urgent visa application, ensuring same-day approval. Afterward, travel to the neighboring country, returning to Dubai Airport to await your new visa. The whole process will finish in 6 to 8 hours.

a2a visa change
Dubai International Airport

Ensure a smooth transition

Our regularly updated slot information keeps you informed about upcoming a2a slots. So, ensure a smooth transition by checking Airport to Airport visa change availability a few days before your visa’s expiration (at least 2 days). Therefore fill out the form to book your slot, and our agents will promptly confirm your booking.

Seamless Extension via a2a visa change

In summary, this process offers a seamless extension of your UAE stay without returning to your home country. Whether you choose the Muscat visa change by air package or the visa change package by bus, our aim is to provide convenient options.

A2A Visa Change

1300 AED

354 USD

1600 AED

436 USD

A2A Visa Change

Documents required:

  • Passport copy 
  • Passport size photograph
    (White background)
  • Previous tourist visa/ Cancelled employment

We also offer visa change package by bus via Oman

Under this option, travel to Oman and back within next day once your visa is approved. However, For comprehensive details, refer to our dedicated Visa Change by bus package

Airport to Airport Visa Change Online Application

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